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Property damage as a result of fire or flooding is a frightening ordeal for any homeowner. With our four point promise, DWF Contractors has helped Pennsylvania homeowners through the aftermath of these ordeals. Our goal is to provide quality, professional service and to promptly restore homes and a sense of normalcy to our clients.

At DWF Contractors we provide mold and water removal, sewage cleanup services, and restoration services following fire or flood damage. Our emergency service team is available 24-7, and our expert technicians will provide a free estimate and start the removal process within an hour of your call. We will also help file damage claims and provide detailed information to your insurance company.

With flood damage, our process consists of not only extracting water, but sanitizing and deodorizing the space to ensure thorough decontamination. Our technicians use state of the art equipment to stop flooding at the source and prevent further damage.

The quality of your cleanup and restoration services means the difference between losing and saving your possessions and your property. In the event of a fire, flooding or water damage affecting your home, contact DWF Contractors. We are standing by to take your call.

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